Change of Address

This form is to be used when you are currently liable for council tax but are moving out of a property and:

  • will not be liable to pay the council tax at the new address, or

  • the new address is outside the Durham County Council area, or

  • you are moving out of one property to another one within the Durham County Council area.

    If you provide an email address we will send you a receipt.

    In order to complete this form you will need to provide:

  • your Council Tax account reference number (this can be found on your bill)

  • the date you moved out

  • the name and address of your landlord (if renting) and your tenancy end date

  • the date you sold the property (if applicable)

  • new owner details

  • your bank details if you are moving within the area and setting up a new Direct Debit

    Data Protection

    In line with data protection laws, we may share the information you give us with other council teams if they need it to carry out their duties, or with other relevant authorities to prevent or detect fraud or other crimes.

    To read our council tax privacy notice about how we use your personal data or for more information about the council's data privacy go to: